Thursday 6 September 2012

Workshop chasing and repoussé

Two weeks ago I teached a new workshop, which is always really exciting! Repoussé is a technique, which allows you to transform flat metal sheet into a 3D relief. You hammer at the backside of the sheet. Chasing is the finishing work you do at the front side. During this workshop we started by making some brass and wooden tools and hammering some simple forms. After that the students started working on their own design.
Celine Clossa working on a big brooch.
Marleen Vande Vyver hammering a pendant. The two small stripes will be bent into little rings.
Roos De Krom hammering a twig motive into a silver bracelet. (Click on the photo to see the enlarged image, it's worth it!)
I have always been fond of this technique myself. I started making some wings as an example for the workshop, but I like it a lot. So I'm thinking about designing a new collection based on these wings. I only have one problem: too many designs and not enough hours in one day!! Well, I'll just add it to my to do-list...
This workshop will definitely be back on the programme next year. And then I'll make it three days in stead of two! Time passes so fast when you're hammering :)

Here is a picture I forgot to post last time, but I like it so much I really wanted to share it with you. This pendant was made by Naomi Van Varewijck during the phototechnique workshop. Nicely done! She will also be our intern this school year :)
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Denis 7 September 2012 07:45 am
Wonderfull! What a creativity.