Thursday 19 April 2012

Preparing a new workshop

I'm having a lot of fun preparing the new workshop of chasing and repoussé, which will take place in August. I forgot how much I love this technique!!
Thursday 19 April 2012


Yesterday we received a cameracrew from Antwerp Television. Zoë Van Gastel visited our gallery and took a very quick workshop of the lost wax technique! You can view the result on the 28th of April (the whole day)and the 29th (the afternoon) in Antwerps Hotspot! People who can't receive ATV, can watch the report on their website , it will be online on the 1st of May.
Saturday 14 April 2012

Exhibition Peter Vermandere

For our very first exhibition, we are showing the work of Peter Vermandere. He presents different collections in which he uses silver, aluminium, pearls and minerals. You can visit the exhibition untill the 28th of May. Here's a little preview:
Finding the right place for each design.
Silver brooches, earrings and rings with irregular pearls.
The little men-brooches with a mustache, pipe or a hat made of sharkteeth or pearls.
I adore the aluminium brooches with minerals!
The brooches and the rings on the left side of this photo are made out of the authentical aluminium plates of the Atomium!
Wednesday 28 March 2012


From now on you can also follow us on Twitter: @TWEE_Jewellery . See you there!
Wednesday 28 March 2012


Gallery TWEE is featured in the accessory-special of the Flemish Elle, yihaa!
Wednesday 28 March 2012

Full house

Last week we welcomed a ladies' club 'Zilveren Passer' in our gallery. Nathalie and I each gave a lecture about our work and then we demonstrated some jewellery techniques. It was a very pleasant afternoon, something we would certainly consider doing again. And thanks to their visit, we now know how many people fit into the gallery ...36 people and not one more! :)
Tuesday 6 March 2012

The very first Jewel with Brunch: Peter Vermandere

"Jewel with Brunch" offers you the chance to get to know a designer on a personal level. The work of the designer is exhibited in the gallery. We have a first conversation accompanied by a glass of bubbles. Then we all enjoy an extensive brunch together. You get the chance to ask all your questions and exchange ideas.
We keep the group very small, 7 people can participate. Registration

Peter Vermandere is a real jewelry artist and a known value in the Flemish jewelery landscape. Peter makes unique designs that results from experiments with all kinds of materials and techniques. A couple of years ago, he transformed a panel of the Atomium to a series of jewelry. You can consider Peter to be a sculptor as well as a goldsmith. The use of irregular pearls and stones often returns in his designs.
Would you like to see more, take a look at Peter's website.
Thursday 23 February 2012

Such a productive day!

For years I have been messing around, trying to make professional looking jewelry pictures myself. That is so incredibly difficult I had had almost given up, but after doing some study I wanted to give it one last try. Finally I got a result I am happy with, now all I have to do is study some photoshop and then I am good to go. Yihaa!
We now have a mini-equipment in our studio, so after each new design we can easily take pictures.

And here are the first try-outs:
Two new pairs of earrings from my Floris collection
A variation on my Dao-rings at the request of a customer. Today, I have attempted for the first time to close a setting myself and it turned out very well, that tastes like more! Up to now, that work was done by a professional setter.
A first image from my NOBO collection.

What a productive day, maybe my son should wake me up at 5.50h more often...on second thought, forget I just said that!

The next task will be to take pictures of all the new pieces from the past 6 months. Then I will do a huge cleaning of the webshop and put all the new jewelry online. I hope to get that finished by the end of March.

Now I need some food, a glass of wine and I won't come out of the couch for the rest of the evening!!
Tuesday 21 February 2012

New facebook page

Nathalie and I made a new fanpage on facebook to promote our activities together. My own personal page won't be used any more!

Are you a fan? Go to our fanpagine and LIKE!
Tuesday 21 February 2012

The solder gods

While doing a bit of studying in a very technical book I came across the following sentence:

"Ritual sacrifice to the solder gods in hopes of securing divine assistance is frowned apon nowadays."

Well, there you have it. I thought you should know! :)
Creative stonesetting by John Cogswell
Tuesday 21 February 2012

Spring selections at Design Flanders

For the designers amongst you, who want to get a recognition of Design Flanders, the moment has arrived! The next selection of jewelry, ceramics, glass and textiles will be held on March 15th.

With a recognition of Design Flanders you are kept informed of everything that takes place in your field, you end up in a database where journalists and companies look for new talents, you can participate in several events and a ask for a scholarship for your own projects. A real must!

To be selected, your work must be technically perfect and you need an innovative and coherent portfolio. All info can be found on the website of Design Flanders.
Tuesday 7 February 2012

I love Belgium

Last sunday, we took part for the first time in the Belgian Day of Crafts. It was a huge succes. We had a 100 visitors! Thank you all for passing by our gallery!

A while ago we had a visit from a blogger of I love BELGIUM. The article that appeared about the gallery is not completely correct, but we are happy to be on their website anyway.
Would you like to read more, take a look at I love BELGIUM.
Tuesday 31 January 2012

Jewelry photography

There is one aspect of designing jewelry that I really hate and that is the 'taking pictures' part. I find it so incredibly difficult and I am never satisfied with the result. Collaborating with a photographer for every new collection is not recommandable from a financial perspective ... so there is nothing else to do, than to give it another try.

There are two brand new collections coming up and I am once again looking up more information about photography. For those of you who have the same problem, the web site TABLE TOP STUDIO is a real winner!
The gallery is doing well, the new workshop programme is ready ... time to work on a new webshop! I didn't update it for the last year, what a shame.
Thursday 26 January 2012

Valentine display

Valentine is coming, time for a new display in our gallery, including new designs!
Thursday 26 January 2012

Day of crafts 2012

Gallery TWEE is participating in the Day of Crafts. You can take a look behind the scene on sunday 5th of February from 11h untill 18h. Nathalie and me will be giving demonstrations in different jewelry techniques throughout the day. You can find all information here.
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