Sunday 11 July 2010

Support 4 Nepal

For the second year, my brother has been fundraising a lot of money (25.000€ this year!) and travelled to Nepal together with 7 other volunteers. They are sponsering several projects:

In a monastery in kathmandu, neglected boys are sheltered and given an education. These children study from 5 o'clock in the morning till late at night (English, boeddhism, math...). Last year my brother introduced sport lessons and they just love it! Some pictures of this year's lessons:
The next two weeks the group is traveling to Rathankot, a very poor mountain village. All the young people leave the village because they want to make a future in the big cities, but all that awaits them there is poverty. In this village they try to start development programms so that the youngsters have a future in their own village.
And the third project is helping out with building a new school in Daman. When the parents go to work, all the little children between 2 and 7 are left on their own at home because there is no school available for them.

You can read the groups diary on their blog. The next two weeks they will spend in Rathankot and have no internet acces, but there are already a lot of stories to read, like the hostile opposition of the Nepali government to the celebration of the birthday of the Dalai Lama!
Sunday 11 July 2010

Master expo jewelry design

A school year has passed again and the student of jewelry design are presenting their master projects! A selection of the best works of the Academy and Sint-Lucas in Antwerp and PHL-Arts in Hasselt are exhibited during the show Zilvertalenten, in the museum "Sterckshof".

I already went to take a look beforehand at the Academy and I have to say that I saw some great work! I would like to present you some new designers:

Zhao Li
Tatiana Warenichova (left) en Karen Vanmol (right)
The exhibition is shown together with the Wim Ibens awards and can be visited untill the 18th of july.
Saturday 26 June 2010

Eunique arts & crafts

This month I participated in Eunique, my first fair abroad. Eunique is an arts and crafts fair in Germany. This year Belgium was guest country at the fair.

I had a lot of fun! It was great to finally meet some of the other designers of Design Flanders and also the Walloon designers. What the professional impact of the fair will be, that's too soon to tell. I made some interessting contacts with new shops and galleries in Germany and Luxembourg. But it usually takes half a year to see the impact of participating in a big fair like that.
Here's a look at my booth and one of my gold and onyx flower rings.
I made a selection for you of the favourite designs I saw. You will find more great designs on the artist's websites. Enjoy!
Porceline by Françoise Joris (Belgium), she won the Eunique WCC Award.
Beautiful textile in enchanting coulours by Margo Selby (London).
Jewelry by Nevin Arig(Belgium), one of my favourite jewerly designers. It was great to finally meet her. And what's more...she is interested in teaching a workshop in my studio!!!
Bowl by Henriette Tomasi (Germany). The structure was so delicate, really amazing!
Jewelry by Alison Macleod (Scotland). I especially liked her brooches with wood and little stones combined.
Some cute, I think rubber, vases by Christiane Pagel (Germany). She is a student at Pforzheim and has no website yet.
Impressive laced steel nacklaces by Ines Schwotzer (Germany).
And finally some more porceline by Thérèse Lebrun (Belgium).
Monday 7 June 2010

New workshop of filigree on august 22nd!

This workshop will be taught by Roos De Krom. She worked with this technique for the last couple of years. In 2008 her work was rewarded with the "Prijs design platform Limburg". In this workshop she will explain her own vision and method of working. You will find more pictures of her work on her website.

The workshop takes place on the 22th of august. To participate, you need to be able to solder with wire fluently. You can read the hole explanation about the workshop here. As always, there are now 4 places available. Be sure to subscribe in time!
Sunday 6 June 2010

New photo's

Here are some of the works made during the spring workshops.
Necklace soldered in silver wire by Chris Bachot
Brooches in polymerclay made by Isabelle Van Eyck
Ring made of silver, bone and horn by Sofie Vanhoutte
Knotted pearls and a pendant of origami in silver containing handmade paper, made by Marina Van De Broek
Ring made of vegetarian ivory and silver by Mariemoo

In this gallery you will find all the pictures.
Wednesday 7 April 2010


TT:NT is a collaboration project between two designers, Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish. I have been a big fan of their work for a while. Thanks to the jewelryblog Mar de color rosa , I found out about their 'Housemates' project. It is so good I just have to share it with you:

Here are some of their paper rings:

Thursday 1 April 2010

Natural materials (soon for sale)

I am busy buying lots of things for the workshops I am teaching about natural materials. After days and even weeks of searching and bothering my collegues, I found out that it is very hard to get hold of some materials. Because of that (and also because I am addicted to them) I decided to open a hole new part of my webshop: Natural materials (from plants, animals and from the sea) and semi-precious stones;

The first deliveries have arrived this week from Ecuador, USA and Poland! Every time I receive a new package, I'm happy as a child with a new toy. The bad side of the story is that I have to stay in the house the hole day long, because I never know when the delivery service shows up. But if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do!!

Here's a little preview: Raw amber, raw jet and vegetarian ivory, ready to process yourself:
The semi-precious stones, corals and mother of pearl:
Thursday 1 April 2010

Bettina Speckner

Yesterday I went to a lecture by Bettina Speckner at the Academy of Antwerp. I really enjoyed it. She was my first favorite designer when I started my jewellery studies.

Her jewels have a timeless expression. And sometimes even funny too! Cows do appear a lot, as she finds them an important symbol for the everyday life. That is actually the main theme in her work: the everyday life versus the faraway life.
She includes a lot of pictures and natural materials in her work as well. And they always match perfectly, like they were just created to be there. When you are able to achieve that feeling, I believe you made the perfect jewel!

Just take a look for yourself:

Do you want to see more? Take a look at her website.
Sunday 21 March 2010

Workshop with natural materials Part I

I am very busy with writing the new course for the workshop about natural materials from plants. This is the first workshop were I will be teaching a lot of theory next to the technical part. And I am really looking forward to it.
I had a lot of fun gathering all the information and the materials. Orders from around the world are coming in. Here is a little teaser:
If you would like to participate, there are still 3 places available. The workshop starts on the 27th of march. You can find all the information here. (This is a level 2 workshop, you should be familiar with the basic techniques: soldering, sawing en filing.)
Thursday 18 March 2010

Before and after

No I don't have a new haircut, it's one of the closets in my studio that got a makeover! I couldn't open it anymore without half of it falling out, so....

and After
Thursday 25 February 2010

New workshops


This workshop will be taught by Roos De Krom. She worked with this technique for the last couple of years. In 2008 her work was rewarded with the "Prijs design platform Limburg". In this workshop she will explain her own vision and method of working. You will find more pictures of her work on her website.

The workshop takes place on the 24th of april. To participate, you need to be able to solder with wire fluently. You can read the hole explanation about the workshop here. As always, there are only 6 places available. Be sure to subscribe in time!

Technical skills

This workshop is brand new as well. You will learn the basic techniques of a jewelry designer: transferring a drawing onto metal, drilling, sawing, filing and sanding! This workshop takes place on the 25th and 26th of september. Further explanations here.
Would you like to participate in a level 2 workshop, but you have no foreknowledge yet? These workshops will teach you all the basic skills you need:

*soldering in silver: wire (level 1)
*technical skills (level 1)
*soldering in silver: combining sheet and wire(level 2)

After these workshops you will be able to create your own jewelry!

Workshops made to order

The hole explanation about the workshops has been written down here. From today on you can have your workshops custom-made! Do you have a group of minimum 4 people and maximum 6, then you can choose your own date. The workshops are all teached in the studio in Antwerp. If you would like some more information, just send me an email.
Wednesday 24 February 2010

The invasion of Bruges

The invasion of Bruges was a big succes, even more then that! 4500 visitors were counted. I really enjoyed it :)
Soon there will also be a webshop of the invasion and new editions will be organized...if you missed it this time, you'll have a chance to make up for it!
Monday 15 February 2010

Eunique - Arts and Crafts 2010

I received some very good news this week! I was chosen as one of 12 designers by Design Flanders, who get to represent Flanders at the Eunique, arts and crafts fair in Germany.

From June 11th until 13th 2010 Karlsruhe becomes the meeting point of the international arts & design branch. And Belgium will be the host country!

You can find all the information on the website of Eunique.
Saturday 13 February 2010

Workshop origami in silver

Well, the new year has begon, back to work! It will take me a while to find a new working rythm now that baby Jolan has arrived. So forgive me if my blogposts come a bit slower than usual :)

The first workshop this year was a completely new one. It was for advanced designers and taught by guest teacher: Nathalie Perneel. The results were really good. I also took the workshop and really enjoyed being a student again! Here are some pictures:

Models in paper and silver made by Nathalie
In the next pictures you can see the working process. Trying out models in paper, flattening silver to the size of paper and then folding the models in silver, all demonstrated very well by Liesbet!
Take a look at the rest of the pictures here.

I noticed while uploading these photo's that I made a mistake in the last pictures I put online about the autumn workshops 2009. I forgot to press the button "public" when I uploaded them, so you were not able to see them. They are available here! Sorry
Sunday 10 January 2010

Say hi to Jolan!

Lotte asked me (her boyfriend & webmaster Filip) to let you know that our baby boy Jolan was born on January 6th at 10pm in our home in Antwerp, measuring 51 cm and weighing a hefty 4.2 kg! They're both doing great.

Below some pictures of Jolan and Lotte and of the birthcard (which Lotte drew).
Meanwhile sign-ups for the workshops are continuing. You may not get a reply immediately but sign-ups are being noted and the number of remaining places for each workshop tracked in the agenda.
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