Sunday 13 December 2009

Workshops 2010

The schedule and descriptions of the workshops are up. For every workshop you will find a page with an explanation and some pictures. You just have to click on the name of the workshop in the agenda to read the discription.
You will find many new workshops. The first one starts in february. It's a level 3 workshop for people who can solder, file, saw and drill fluently. This workshop will be thought by Nathalie Perneel.

Take a look at the full programme! Subscriptions are open and can be done by email.
Thursday 10 December 2009

Photo's workshops fall 2009

A lot of hard work has been done during the latest workshops. Here is a little teaser:
Pendant in the lost wax technique by Chris B.
Ring with setting in the lost wax technique by Willie
Soldering a pendant in silver wire by Lieve V.A.
Pendant in the lost was technique by Lieve Vdb. Take a look at the rest of the pictures!

The full programme for 2010 will be up on the website in a couple of days. You can already check the agenda.
Wednesday 9 December 2009

Weekend Knack!

Today the jewelry edition of Weekend Knack (a Belgian fashion magazine) was published and I'm in it, hurray!!
Thursday 3 December 2009

Christmas market on December the 13th

This will be my last event of 2009. Are you looking for some original Christmas presents, come and pay us a visit at the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp!
You will find all information on the website of Markt van Morgen.
Friday 27 November 2009

Lang ist die Kunst, flüchtig das Leben - Baudelaire

In my first and second year at the Art Academy, painting was part of our curriculum. We had a new German teacher, Tobias Magass, a passionate painter himself. He came from Israel where he had been teaching aswell. And I remember him telling he had to get used to students being so distant in Belgium.
He was very commited to his job and really wanted to get the best out of his students, he was the first teacher to tell me the truth about my work to my face. He was the first one who got me to open up in my work. He learned me to look at the world in a different way.
After these 2 years he went back to teach in Germany, but we kept in touch. We wrote letters about our inspirations, about travelling, about the difficulties of being an artist. When we were in the neighbourhood we visited each other's studio. He used to send me postcards of exhibitions he visited and thought I would like. But the most important of all, we exchanged pictures of our latest works and I noticed that he valued my opinion of his work as much as I valued his.
A couple of weeks ago I received a CD with lots of new paintings on it. He visited Brasil during the summer and started working on a new series over there, which I absolutely adored. I told him I thought this was his best work ever and he wrote back that he would start on a series of selfportraits soon.
Today I received a letter and as a true designer I noticed the black and white colour first, and thought to myself: I like this enveloppe. Then social conventions kicked in and I realised this could be bad news... and it really was.
You died on the 14th of november, totally unexpected. Your funeral took place last monday. And I have no idea what happened to you. Was it a car crash, a heart attack? In the end it doesn't really matter. You're gone and I realize how much your constant encouragements and letters meant to me.
I wonder what will happen with all your paintings. I really hope they will be treasured for as long as they exist. Like it is written on your funeral letter: Lang ist die Kunst, flüchtig das Leben. And this is the only way I have to say goodbye to you. I will never forget you...
In a matter of weeks I lost a very dear friend and I will give birth to my first child - the circle of life completed - I guess.
Monday 23 November 2009

Art Event 2009

This weekend I will participate in the Antwerp fair: Art Event 2009. You will find all different aspects of art represented here: from painting and sculpture to jewelry.
Visit me at stand 80 to discover my newest jewelry designs!
27th of november: 17-22h
28th and 29th of november: 11-18h
You can find all information on the website of Art Event.
Place: Antwerp Expo, Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerp
Sunday 22 November 2009

Wrapped Design

Like every year the gallery of Design Flanders has been transformed in a temporary designshop! Are you looking for original Christmas presents from 5€ till 250€, go and have a look. Here you can find all the information.
Antwerp designcenter "De Winkelhaak" is a partner in this project. They are showing a smaller amount of the products in their shop: 100 gr design. All information on their website.

In both shops you can buy my jewelry from the 20th of November untill the 31st of december!
Saturday 21 November 2009

Nord éclair

This article appeared on the website of the French newspaper Nord éclair about my exhibition in Alliage 925.
Monday 9 November 2009

Au fond d'une heure oublié

Friday evening we went to Lille for the opening of my exhibition in Alliage 925. You can visit it untill the 28th of november.

Here are some pictures:
Thursday 5 November 2009

My first exhibition in France

You can find all the information on the galleries website.
Thursday 5 November 2009

Last events of 2009 !

The last couple of weeks I have been working like crazy to finish all the jewelry orders in time. Everything for the Christmas period has to be delivered around the same time. Since this is the first year I am participating in Christmas sales I had no idea about the amount of work. Next year I'll be prepared!! :)

These are all the events planned before I start my maternity leave half of december:

07/11 - 28/11 : Solo exhibition at Alliage 925 in Lille
20/11 - 30/12 : Group exhibition/sale in Design Flanders Gallery in Brussels
20/11 - 30/12: Group exhibition/sale in designcenter De winkelhaak in Antwerp
27/11 - 29/11: Art Event at Antwerp Expo (Art Fair)
13/12 : Designer market in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp

After all these events, I'm gonna enjoy some wel earned rest and look forward to the baby!!
Monday 12 October 2009

Designer markets in Antwerp and Bruges

It's been quiet here for a while, but September has been so busy that I really needed a week of rest! But here we are again, ready to get back to work and my first task is to give you an impression of last weeks markets.

In Antwerp it was really cold, I stood there freezing all day. I took the opportunity to quickly visit the exhibition "Rings for the Lords" in the Winkelhaak. They were showing a couple of really good pieces!
At this market I discovered the work of Fou de Feu, cute cups and plates made by ceramist Veerle Van Overloop. From now on, her work is on my wish-list!!
The next day, I had to jump in my car quite early to set up everything in Bruges. Luckily the sun was shining.
The project of Quartier-Bricolé will continue for quite a while. They organise markets, a windowshopping route and they started a great design shop in the Langestraat. If you are in the neighbourhood, go and have a look!
I bought a handmade stuffed owl myself from mamaskientje. When you pull the string it plays a lullaby . I'm gonna hang it above our cradle. I also loved the colourfull babystuff from Whoost!
Thursday 1 October 2009

Picture time

Taking decent pictures of my jewelry is such a frustrating occupation. It is so damn hard to get a clean, white background!

I finally gathered enough courage to try it again today. My sister-in-law gave me some very good help with photoshop (thanks sis!) en after a whole day of work I finally managed to take a couple of decent pictures. The shiny and silver coloured pieces are still resisting all my good intentions though...

In two weeks I want to have decent pictures of all my recent jewelry. My webshop hasn't been up to date for too much time now.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Designer market on the 3th and 4th of October

It's going to be a very busy weekend. On saturday you can find me at the design market in Antwerp in the Dambruggestraat and on sunday I'll move my jewelry to the Langestraat in Bruges. See you there!
Tuesday 29 September 2009

Open Studio

Well, Open Studio's was very good this year. It was busy and I'm feeling tired and happy :). Here are some impressions of the opening night and the studio atmosphere.

The winner of the gift certificate is family Punt from Vlaardingen, congratulations!!
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