Friday 11 September 2009

Opening night "Open Studio"

Soon "Open Studio" will take place. The opening of the exhibition, containing work from all the participants, takes place on the 18th of September at 20h in Antwerp.

Ann Vylders, responsible for culture in Antwerp, will open the exhibition. Afterwards a reception is offered and the André Appeldoorn ensemble will grace the evening with music.

The first two persons who send an email to mentioning "Opening night open studio" and their adress will receive two tickets to attend this evening.
Thursday 10 September 2009

Article in local newspaper

Today an article appeared about my work in the local Antwerp newspaper.
Monday 7 September 2009

Open Days

I am participating in the "Open Studio" project in Antwerp. On the 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th of september you are welcome to visit my studio from 11h till 18h on this adress: Schijfstraat 3, 2020 Antwerp. You can take a look during the workshops or would you prefer to see a demonstration of jewelry techniques? I will also present the new collection, which includes the first golden jewels.
*19th and 20th of september: 11-13h: Workshop ring with lost-was technique, 14-18h: Demonstration of jewelry techniques
*26th and 27th of september: 11-13h: Workshop knotting pearls, 14-18h: Demonstration of jewelry techniques

If you would like to participate in the workshops you have to subscribe, there are still some places available. The workshops start at 10 o'clock.

By visiting the studio during one of these four days, you can win a great prize! You just have to fill in your name and adress on a paper and put it in the box. At the end of the fourth day an innocent person will pick the lucky winner, who receives a gift certificate worth 50€. This can be used for the jewelry or the workshops.

Here you find more information about 'Open Studios'.
Tuesday 1 September 2009

Baunat competition

Baunat is a Belgian company that produces diamond jewelry. Together with Flanders Fashion Institute they organised a competion, the theme was "Unveiling inner beauty". The designers were free to choose which kind of jewelry they wanted to create. It just had to fit into the company philosophy, which is modern-classic and timeless. The materials that could be used were: yellow gold, platinum and white diamonds.

I took the theme of the competition literally as my starting point: I wanted to unveil something. That gave me the idea to look at Japanese packing designs for inspiration . I really adore them for the combination they hold of refinement and strong and sober lines.

I discovered the form of my centre-piece by combining an opened box and the basic characteristics of origami. The basic form is made out of platinum. The diamonds that are coming out give a warm and playfull feeling as opposed to the sober centre-piece. The name of this pendant is Natsu, that means 'born in summer' in Japanese.
Here you can see my drawing.
Here I've put a paper model of the centre-piece on top of the drawing, to make it more clear that it is three dimensional. The golden branches are lying flat against the skin.

I was invited for a meeting and they told me I made it to the final 5, but unfortunatly that's where it ended for me. I think I will continue working on this design to use it for a collection of my own.

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Found the lost pictures

I mentioned before that I lost the pictures of the workshop 'knotting pearls'... but I found them! Here you can take a look at them.
Thursday 20 August 2009

Workshop origami in silver

I mentioned before, that I started working on the advanced workshop programme. This morning Nathalie Perneel visited my studio. She is a very good designer that I met while studying at the Academy. After graduating there she went to study at the Royal College in London!! Take a look at her website.

She is the first designer that I invited to teach a workshop in my studio. The subject will be "origami in silver", which she will be teaching during the first week of february. More details will follow, but here is a little preview of what to expect:
made by Nathalie Perneel
made by Nathalie Perneel
Thursday 20 August 2009

Bijoux Sauvage

The biennale Bijoux Sauvage (= Wild Jewelry) is organised by the Wesel Art Gallery for the 7th time in Brussels. With this project they want to bring different artists together.

Sauvage: the way you find it in nature, uncontroled, wild, uncultivated (Van Dale)

This theme makes it possible for each artist to design on a very personnal level, without holding on to rules and conventions. I liked this assignment very much and I was really happy to be selected for this project. Here is a little taste of the necklace I made. I love all the different materials I used...
I used silver, hair of horses, polymer clay, gold leaf, seads and quills. I enjoyed this necklace so much that I'm thinking to build a whole collection around this theme.
As soon as I know more about the dates and location of this exhibition I'll post it on the blog.
Tuesday 11 August 2009

New workshops

The new workshop programme has arrived! My studio had a make-over this summer and I am getting ready to start again. You can check out the programme here. The first course starts at september 1st!

If you would like to receive some flyers, you can pass by the studio to pick them up. They have to go to press, I expect them in two weeks tops.

In the mean time, I am also working on the programme of advanced courses. They will start at the beginning of 2010!
Tuesday 11 August 2009

New website for Design Flanders

The website of Design Flanders had a big make-over. It looks great! Every designer has his own profile now, which he can update by himself. I already started working on my page. It's not completely done yet, but you can already have a look.
Tuesday 4 August 2009


During the last workshops, it became really clear that the interior of my studio wasn't very well organised. I also clearly needed more space to put away the smaller tools.

I am absolutely addicted to books and since I had already planned a complete make-over for the studio I decided it was time to add a nice bookcase aswell. Preferably one that would allow me to display my beautifull jewelry books.

In the mean time, I already found out that my jewelry display in the living room was not such a good idea. It found myself cleaning up like a madman every time somebody called me to come and have a look at the jewelry. The dog started barking the whole time to welcome the visitors, which made having a normal conversation quite impossible!

We also started wondering where we were going to place the cradle in our packed livingroom. Finally we decided to move the jewelry display to the studio, something, I thought, would be a really bad idea. Luckily my boyfriend can be very convincing. :)

We started the big work after asking my father-in-law for help. I have been bossing them around most of the time, since they didn't allow a pregnant woman to help them! :)
A big mess!!
My helpfull father-in-law
You can hardly see it in this black dress, but I already have a real babybelly by now!

It looks just gorgeous now! It's not completely finished yet, but I can work on the details till the end of august.
Now I have one big table in the middle that I can easily clear for the workshops. I can walk around it completely now and I have a very handy shelve on the wall.
My magnificent bookcase!
The complete workbench with selfmade shelves for files and drills.
The jewelry display is already at its place, but I've got some big plans with the wall behind it. I want to make paper hands, in the same way as I made the dolls for my last exhibition. I want to hang the hands on the wall to display some rings. I also want to add one of the dolls and some other things for necklaces. It will be a hole installation that should be finished before the next workshops begin in september.
Tuesday 4 August 2009

New work

The last collection I made in the lost wax technique, Floris Mirabilis, never made it online. By now most of the pieces are sold, but I am working on a whole new collection. And this time I will definitely make the time to take some great pictures!

I already made this ring in silver. My grandmother tried it on and ordered the same one in gold. Here is the result:
Ring Floris in gold
Here you can see the first pieces of the new collection. I just picked them up at the firm that casts them for me. It will take some time before I can finish these pieces. I have some more urgent things to do first.
My first collection in gold:
Tuesday 4 August 2009

Workshop pictures

All the pictures of the second season of workshops are online now, well except the pictures of knotting pearls. I can't find them anywhere, so I think I must have erased them by accident.

Here you can see some of the results of the weaving course. Looks very nice, doesn't it? :)
Monday 27 July 2009

Quartier Bricolé

Last week I was informed that I have been selected to participate in the project of Quartier Bricolé in Bruges. They received more then 130 applications, so I'm very happy to be part of the chosen ones!

Quartier Bricolé is a project organised by tapis plein vzw in cooperation with the town of Bruges, all the events will take place in 2009-2010. There will be shops and store windows at the disposal of the designers, markets and workshops and projects held together with the neighbourhood and schools.

Therefore, Quartier bricolé selected contemporary designers in Flanders, with a focus on quality and a contemporary approach of handicrafts. Innovation and creativity on a technological, esthetical and conceptuel level are the baselines of this project.

You can subscribe for the newsletter on their website, if you want to be kept up to date.
Wednesday 1 July 2009

Workshop weaving a pendant

The last summer workshop will be weaving a pendant. Here you can see what the result will be like. The pendant made out of silver and brass is a simple model. The other one is made entirely of silver and completely finished. That will be the aim of the course! There are still a couple of places available on saterday and tuesday.
In the mean time, I've also put the pictures of the workshop "soldering" online, there were some really good results. You can take a look at them here. There will be some more pictures!
This necklace was made during the workshop "pendant in wax casting" I added some stones and the necklace. Some earrings add the finishing touch.
Saturday 27 June 2009

Telling the big secret :)

I haven't been working a lot since our return from Morocco. I taught the workshops but besides that I've been resting a lot... I was so tired and nauseated....

But I am very happy that I can finally announce that we are expecting our first child. It will be born around new year, it's 12 and a half weeks old now and almost 6 cm long! :)
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