Thursday 9 April 2009


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Tuesday 31 March 2009

Teaching in fifth grade

A friend of me is teaching a project about art in fifth grade. She asked me to come to class and talk about my work. And so I did. I had a great time, the kids were really interested.
Besides talking about jewelry and showing my work, I also gave a demonstration in the lost-wax technique.
Monday 30 March 2009

Textile fair in The Netherlands

I had a very busy weekend. I drove to The Netherlands to visit a textile fair close to Utrecht. It was the first time I was there and I had a really good time.
this was only part of the fair
I found a lot of information at the fair, some really good books, did a workshop and... I bought the skin of a ray, which I had been looking for for some years now. Look at the pattern it has, I can't wait to start working with it.
ray skin
I really love the pattern
The salesman asked me what I was planning to do with it and he gave me a weird look when I said I was gonna make jewelry out of it! :)

I also discovered the work of artist Anna van Bohemen at the fair, which I really liked! Check out her website.

The next moring I enjoyed a sunny walk around the town center of Utrecht, which turned out to be a very pretty city.
When I arrived back home, I couldn't wait to try out the new technique I learned in silver and gold wire. And I really love the result...
my new discovery
Wednesday 25 March 2009

Back @ home

After six days of hard work at the fair "Sfeer 09", I'm starting to feel relaxed again. It was a great experience to be at the fair, my first close encounter with a big audience. The reactions were very positive and there was also a lot of interest for the workshops, so I am very satisfied.
completely ready
let the show begin :)
Next week I wil be busy preparing all the orders and sending out the packages. I also urgently have to put the pictures of my new collection online (floris mirabilis was already exhibited at the fair). I am still looking for a model for the photoshoot, so if anyone feels like volunteering ... I also have to update my webshop. I will not get bored.

To get back in my working-rythm I just started studying braiding techniques. That has been on my to do-list for a really long time now.
try-out in textile before I start working in silver
Friday 13 March 2009

Ready for Sfeer 09

Today we installed Lotte's booth for the design fair Sfeer 09. I uploaded making-of pictures, and here you can see the final result...
Lotte's booth at Sfeer 09
Sfeer 09 takes place on 14-16th and 20-22th March. You can find Lotte's booth in hall 5.

Signed: Lotte's-clumsy-webmaster-who-dropped-one-of-her-show-cases-so-she-had- to-fix-it-and-as-a-result-doesn't-have-the-time-to-post-this-herself-now.
Thursday 12 March 2009

Kwintessens Design

Some really good news came through my letterbox today. My necklace "Dejamé que me calle con el silencio tuyo" was published in the Belgian design magazine Kwintessens.

Kwintessens is published by Design Vlaanderen. Twice a year, they select young designers who are then included in their organisation. My necklace was published after my sucessfull participation in the autumn selection in 2007.

Works of the 13 designers selected in 2007 will be shown during the summer in the Design Flanders gallery in Brussels. More information will follow.
Kwintessens March 2008
Dejamé que me calle con el silencio tuyo
Saturday 7 March 2009

Exhibition workshops

The first series of workshops is officialy closed now. Yesterday evening, we held an exhibition of all the work of the students. I was very happy with the results. Everybody managed the techniques quite well and there were some really great pieces!
You can take a look at all the pictures of the lessons, the finished jewelry and the exhibition. In the mean time, I've also put the new programme online.
ring in wax - Marie
etching and knoting - Rita
Sunday 1 March 2009

Testing my skills

The fair is coming closer and closer and I just couldn't find any displays that I liked... so I am making them myself. And I think they will do just fine :)
Wednesday 18 February 2009

They have arrived!

I just picked up the jewelry made during the wax workshops and I have some very good news for the students. All the pieces survived and they look really good. Here are the first pictures. Once the jewels are finished they will have a very different look.
Here are some of my pieces that I had made as a test. Unfortunatly, they were not able to make moulds from my models, but I am very happy they were able to cast such fine jewelry!
Wednesday 18 February 2009

Gemstones Fair

This weekend, a mineral and gemstones fair takes place in Antwerp at this location: Business & Computer Center Metropolis, Groenendaallaan 394, Antwerp.

Opening hours: Saturday 21/02 from 12h till 18h

Sunday 22/02 from 10h till 17h30

Meer info vind je hier.
Tuesday 17 February 2009

Exhibition workshops

The first series of jewelry workshops is almost finished. All the jewels made by the students will be exhibited on friday evening 6th of march from 19h30 till 21h30. You can enjoy a drink and a cosy chat and take a look at all the jewels and photographs of the workshops! The spring and summer programme will also be available.

Everybody is welcome at this location: Verschansingsstraat 55, Antwerp(Zuid). You can park your car for free on the square between Vlaamse and Waalse Kaai.
Hard labour
Sunday 8 February 2009

Working in wax

Since january, I am back at school for a couple of months. I started following an evening course of wax techniques. I already got to know a lot of new tools and I actually quite like sitting at a school bench again.

For the moment I am experimenting in my studio with the wax. I choose a flowerform to include in my designs. The only problem is that I like to make things very delicate and now I have to find a company who can produce them. I will start my search this week...
Wax models
Thursday 1 January 2009


The first week of workshops have passed and it has been a lot of fun! I chose etching as the first technique to teach. The new programm of workshops will appear on the site in february.

Soon I will start following a new course myself for a couple of months about wax techniques. I am really looking forward to it!
Tuesday 18 November 2008

Designr - RDV in Brussels

In december I am participating for the first time in the design weekend of The White Hotel. I am really looking forward to this! In the weekend of 13 and 14 december, 40 of their hotelrooms will be transformed by 40 designers. Each designer will show and sell his work in one of the rooms. You will find design, fashion, accessories, jewelry and silversmithing. This year's theme is Love Nest.
Since I shipped my whole collection off to Spain, I will be presenting a completely new collection, featuring a lot of gems and pearls. So put this weekend in your agenda, it will be worth it!!
A view on my room
Sunday 16 November 2008

Winter exhibitions at Alea and Hipotesi

I will be participating in the winter exhibitions in Alea Galeria (El Born) and Hipotesi (Gracia). As you can see the end of the year is a very busy time. I am participating in four events in december in Spain, but I am really enjoying it as well.
Besides the jewelry work I am working on the programme of my first workshop, which will be held in my studio. I will teach four topics: etching, lost-wax, paper and wood, and knotting pearls. The courses will start in january. More information will follow soon...

Besides this I am working on a completely new website with Filip.Well actually Filip is making it and I am commenting :)I hope it will be finished this winter!
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