Basic training jewellery techniques

To learn how to solder in silver, we will start working with silver wire. You learn how to shape and bend the different links. You learn to prepare all your silver pieces in a correct way (anneal, make a perfect fitting form and clean with acid). When this is done we can start soldering.


You learn how to exactly copy a drawing on metal. Then we practice drilling, sawing and filing intensively. To finish the jewel we learn correct sanding. We practice these skills on copper plates.



You learn how to create three-dimensional forms in silver and how to solder them. During the last two days you get a technical assignment: you design a ring that it half made out of sheet and half made out of wire. When you finished your design, we start working in silver. You learn how to create the different parts of the ring and how to fit them together. During soldering, wire heats much faster then sheet, so you need some patience and excercise to make this ring.


During this workshop you learn all the basic skills, afterwards you are able to work at home independently. If you want to purchase all the equipment to start, it will cost you around 350 €. We take our lunch break in the studio so don't forget to bring your lunch. ;)



  • use of all the studio equipment
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit
  • silver wire: 3 meter by 1 mm
  • silver sheet: 2cm by 7 cm, 1mm thick
  • copper sheet: 2 x 5 by 5 cm
  • silver solder


To bring yourself:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • an apron if you wish


Day When Price # Places
1 week 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14th of April from 10-16h. 610 € Started