Etching is done by removing the upper surface of a silver sheet by using acids. By covering certain parts of the silver sheet by a protective lacquer, you can create drawings in the silver.


We will take a look at the different means of covering the metal. You learn how to apply a drawing with lacquer. Another etching technique will teach you how to get an exact copy from a print onto the metal. This makes it possible to create intricate patterns.



  • 1 copper plate
  • use of the studio materials
  • use of chemical products
  • prints on mica
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit


To bring yourself:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • zilverplaat 1 mm dik
  • a very fine paintbrush (nr 0 of 1)and a normal sized paintbrush (nr 3, 4 of 5)
  • an apron if you wish





Photo's Lotte De Mey


Day When Price # Places
Friday, Saturday 16 and 17 February:
12.30h - 17.30h
220 € 1


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