Granulation is a beautiful old decoration technique with tiny spheres that you will surely know from ethnic jewelry. These balls are arranged in a pattern or an entire drawing. The balls are attached to a bottom plate through heat and a chemical binder. No solder is used in this technique. This method is based on an exchange of atoms between the spheres, allowing them to keep their perfect round shape.


In this workshop you get a thorough introduction to the basic principles of granulation. We examine the chemical principles of this technique. You learn to make the little spheres, to prepare a pattern and then it comes down to practicing!


The studio closes from 13h till 14h for a lunch break, there are several eating facilities nearby.



  • Arabic gum
  • Brittania silver plate, 6 by 6 cm, 0,9 mm dik
  • fine silver wire, 0.5 mm thick, 6 meters
  • use of the large studio equipment
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit


To bring yourself:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • little boxes to keep the different sizes of spheres apart from each other
  • all the classic tools
  • a new soft (!) charcoal block with one clean side
  • a soft clean charcoal block that we can pulverize
  • a scalpel
  • a clean crucible
  • ruler
  • fine paintbrush
  • binding wire
  • glass jar with lid
  • an apron



- Photos: Nathalie Perneel -


Day When Price # Places
Thursday, friday, saturday 7, 8 and 9 June:
10h - 16h
360 € Started