Keum-Boo is a South Korean technique, literally translated this means "attached gold". By means of this technique, a pure gold foil is reliably attached to silver by means of pressure and heat. This technique offers incredible decorative possibilities for jewellery.


I would like to immerse you for 6 days in the wonderful world of Keum-boo. We start by melting and rolling the pure gold. Then we take two days to experiment and design in copper. We are going to do several experiments with the rolling mill and textures: by applying a simple press die technique, we create extra depth in the silver.


The last 3 days of the course, we will create one or more jewels. We will increase the end result by etching and applying a black patina. Would you like to work with three colors, then provide some extra fine gold and silver to make electrum (a white metal).


We will take our lunch break in the studio, don't forget your lunch.



  • cardboard
  • copper plate 10 on 20 cm, 0.8 mm thick
  • use of studio equipment
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit


Please bring in:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • a sharp nail scissors
  • safety glasses
  • burnisher
  • craft scissors with decorative border and figure cutters, if you have this
  • 1 gram of fine gold (for sale at Bijou or Argentor)
  • sterling silver plate: minimum 5 x 5 cm, thickness minimum 0.6 mm
  • do you have leftovers of already rolled, etched or cast structure plates,

   bring it with you

  • leather garden gloves, no plastic!
  • material with structure for the rolling mill (textile, packaging material, ...)
  • possibly an apron
  • your case with tools (sawing, filing, soldering ...)




- Pictures: Lotte De Mey--


Day When Price # Places
1 week 30 April, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 May: 10h - 16h 610 € Started