Technical skills

During this course you learn the basic skills needed to make jewelry.


You learn how to exactly copy a drawing on metal. Then we practice drilling, sawing and filing intensively. To finish the jewel we learn correct sanding. We practice these skills on copper plates, which is exactly like working with silver. After this course you can practice independently at home.


The studio closes from 13h till 14h for a lunch break, there are several eating facilities nearby.



  • 2 copper plates, 5 by 5 cm, 1 mm thickness
  • 2 drills
  • 12 sawblades
  • use of the studio materials
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit


To bring yourself:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • an apron if you wish
  • big files, when you already have some yourself



Photo left: Lotte De Mey, right: student