Lost wax technique - full training

We start the week with crafting wax tubes. You will learn to saw and file them to the correct size of a ring. You will learn how to build a form by adding various types of wax (sheet, wire, beads, ...) In this first phase, we are experimenting with the various options.


As a second exercise, we work with a wax block. By filing and milling you create a shape or figure. This way of working can be compared with cutting an image out of stone. You add nothing, but merely take away material.


After that we look at how you can make a very fine print of stones and shells with a layer of liquid wax. We try out a technique from the dental labs in order to make a setting for irregular pearls and stones, the deep-drawing system.


Duplicating wax models is done by machines and therefore you should outsource it. However, there is also a technique that can be applied at home. We look at how simple jewellery can be duplicated by making molds and manually casting at home.


All the wax pieces are taken to the casting company. And then the last two days, we will finish the pieces in silver.


The cost of casting, outsourcing molds and silver are not included in the workshop.


We take a lunchbreak in the studio, pack your lunch.



  • all the different kinds of wax
  • use of the studio materials
  • instruction leaflet
  • drink and biscuit


To bring yourself:

  • irregular semi precious stones or pearls: max. size: 2 cm

(pearls can be purchased in the studio)

  • simple jewel, little object or coin... to cast
  • pencil
  • paper
  • thin, plialbe structures: ex. leafs, sanding paper, textile,...
  • an apron if you wish



Foto's links: Lotte De Mey & students


Day When Price # Places
1 week 29, 30, 31 oct, 1, 2 and 17 October: 10-16h 610 € 4


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