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Lotte De Mey is an independent jewelry designer. Every piece of jewelry on this site is handcrafted by her. Lotte also teaches workshops in her studio in Antwerp.
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Ripple Collection

New design in sterling silver with a pearl


Yellow gold, toermaline & prehnite

Antwerp's Most Brilliant

Gustave-Sofina Grand for handicraft 2016

In December, I received the amazing news that I am a laureate of the 'Gustave-Sofina Grand for handicraft 2016'.

In May I will travel to Bulgaria to study for two weeks with Valentin Yotkov, to improve my work in chasing and repoussé. The picture below shows one of Valentin's works.
This project has two goals. On one side I want to reintroduce the beautiful technique of chasing and repoussé in Belgium, so that the knowledge won't dissapear. On the other side, I want to use this technique in contemporary jewellery design. I will present my project in the fall/winter of 2017.
This project is made possible with the support of Promoting talent through education , managed by the King Bouduin Foundation.